3D Printer: Native Initiatives and Printers

We review 3D printers designed by the intruders and engineers of our country with domestic facilities and produced and assembled in Turkey in this article. Among them are models that are branded and compete with their competitors in the world with the number of dealers and quality of service.

Zaxe Z1 and Z1 Plus

Zaxe is undoubtedly the strongest company among domestic companies. Zaxe, the domestic startup named after the z axis that makes up the layers, has launched the Z1 and Z1+ models designed for the end user, along with the X1 and X1+. Zaxe printers, which are sold by nearly 40 dealers in Turkey, are one of the important manufacturers in our country with zaxe desktop application, which offers features such as user-oriented interface, sending to printing in 3 steps, controlling multiple 3D printers with wireless network connection.

As a brand that achieves a domesticity rate of over 90%, Zaxe states that they want to carry their success in Turkey out of the country.

The Zaxe Z1 200x200x205 mm covers a small area on your desk and the Z1 Plus 300x300x300 mm printing area with a large print area offers a heat-controlled indoor interior, intelligent filament imaging system and rail rigid system in the motion system. The Z1 Plus's metal printhead is heated to 320 degrees, providing production with industrial materials and offering a wide range of uses.

The Zaxe Z series is capable of continuing printing after a power outage. By putting himself on hold, he can pick up where he left off, without letting the pressure stop. When the print is finished, the Zaxe Z series 3D printer e-mails a picture of the print thanks to its information system. In addition, when the filament is finished, information can be sent to the user via e-mail during the maintenance periods of the device and in case of any malfunction in the device.

OO-Kuma Katana

Thanks to wi-fi connectivity and a touch control monitor, its effortless workflow hardware allows its embedded active performance slicer to run seamlessly with the OO-Kuma Workbench software interface from the bar.

Kuma Katana 3D printer is built using aerospace alloys and production methods. In this way, despite working thousands of hours continuously, it does not require maintenance. The Katana HT 3D printer provides easy multiple printing of all OO-Kuma Advanced Functional Polymers thanks to its global patented surface.

Katana 3D printer is designed with all heating and mechanical components using the latest technology design possibilities with its team of engineers and incorporates approaches that will be the first in the industry.

Equipped with high precision thermocouple and permanently up to 320 degrees, error-free works with excellent repeatability for all engineering materials. It has nozzles that resist wear with Titanium-Molybdenum-Zirconium alloys and provide excellent homogeneity in temperature distribution. It maintains the best printing and surface quality for each model with a motion sensitivity of 1.5 microns on X-Y axes and 1.25 microns on the Z axis.

The list of materials compatible with the Katana EM 3D printer is as follows;

  • Performance ABS
  • HI35
  • FR11 Composite
  • FR16 Composite
  • PC30
  • HT220 Composite
  • Extreme PET-G (Copolyester-G)
  • PA12
  • ES30 Composite
  • MG0 Medical
  • Bio-L

3D3 Mega Maker

It sells 3D printers, 3D scanners and materials. In addition, the company, which is developing domestic 3D printer with its own R&D team, made a rapid entrance into the Turkish sector with 3D3 Mega Maker S2.

It has a print volume of 295x205x205 mm, automatic bed calibration, closed case and heated table.

Alya 3D

Solid State R&D Inc. Alya 3D printer, developed in 2013 by an innovative company with experienced engineer staff based on 3D printers and development activities at Yildiz Technical University Teknopark with state support, received crowdfunding support in Aarkovani. Professional engineers work in many different disciplines such as mechanics, electrical/electronics, materials and software within the company. In addition, in 2016, the company grew 8 times and was selected by TUBITAK as one of the 100 most innovative companies.

Alya 3D is a 3D printer specially designed for the use of children in the vicinity, such as home office and school. Alya is surrounded by a surface known as Lego. This allows users to design their own 3D printer look. For this, you can use ready-made Lego or you can make your own legos with Alya. Alya is compatible with brands like Minecraft, Lego Mindstorm, Lego EV2 and integrated with Minecraft. The print area is 100x100x133 mm and also features wireless connectivity.

3D4E 4GenPro

As a result of long years of experience gained abroad with a focus on projects, the team that entered turkish trade life with EMESYS, which was founded in METU Teknokent 14 years ago in 2002, also produces 3D4E (3Dfor Everybody) brand domestic 3D printers.

3D4E 4GenPro; it is a product that stands out with its speed, aesthetics, 24-hour work, plug-and-play functions. It is designed as a 3D printer that can meet professional needs. With the ability to reflect all the technical advantages of the consumables used to the product, superior results are obtained in the 4GenPro model, especially in the production of machine parts, spare parts, moving parts. It has a print volume of 200x200x235 mm, an open case and a heated table.


Founded in 2015 in Bilkent Cyberpark technocity in Ankara, the domestic 3D printer company PlusBoyut produces its 3D printers with domestic facilities. With its original designs and different functions, it has the ability to compete with brands both in Turkey and around the world. The company's flagship PlusBoyut A1 Pro 3D Printer; it has the ability to monitor pressure with dual extruder, filament weight measurement system, filament detection system, ventilation system with filter, automatic pressure table calibration, remote control, monitor pressure with camera and print many filaments.

Rigid3D Zero2

Rigid3D has been developed with domestic facilities by keeping robustness, serviceability and print quality in the first place with the principle of open design.

With the affordable Rigid3D Zero2, you can print various filaments such as ABS, PLA, PETG, ASA, Nylon (PA12), flexible. With its durable electrostatic powder painted steel body, LCD control panel and SD card reader, the LCD monitor, which allows you to operate fully independently from the computer, change settings during printing, extruder design that allows the use of high-tolerance economic filaments, software-assisted automatic bed calibration and a heated printing table of 200x200x190 mm, it combines many features.

With the Experimental Print Recording and Internal Battery feature optionally available on the Zero2 model, printing can be recorded at any time or the print is automatically recorded in the power outage. The recorded print can be continued later.

Arçelik 3D Printer

Arçelik has made an ad bet entry into the 3D printer market. Arçelik, which is the most R&D company of Koç Holding, although flashforge andenturer looks like 3 printers as seen in the picture, spare parts and a wide technical service network, large dealerships in every city and district and customer service, which is the biggest problem of 3D printer, is likely to be a successful product with its experience in white goods. We'll just have to wait and see.

Possible functions include printing area 150x150x150 mm, touch color display, wifi and ethernet and remote connection to the device.

Oo-Kuma Tanto SLA 3D Printer

The OO-Kuma Tanto, a native SLA 3D printer, allows you to use the entire print area to its limits with more homogeneous light power distribution than ever before thanks to its 401nm sequential LED welding with optimum comfort precision. Since cross-section projection is used instead of laser projection, it offers part-independent speed and duration, continuous output at the same speed and uninterrupted operation procedure. With a high-precision vertical axis architecture, you can work at the smallest layer thicknesses to achieve surprisingly smooth surfaces. The customized resin range, which will appeal to all kinds of applications, ensures that the outputs are expert.