Well-Known Mistakes About the Coronavirus Pandemic

In our previous articles, we have given information about what coronavirus is, before you start, it is worth taking a look at What is Coronavirus?

Will coronavirus lose its effect in summer?

Wrong is that with the research and observations that are being done now, seasonal change will have no effect. In addition, this has not been the case in previous viral outbreaks.

Are Mosquitoes Coronavirus Carriers?

Falsely, the coronavirus is spread not by blood, but by the respiratory system.

Can You Test for Virus by Holding Your Breath?

Absolutely this is not possible, all the content on social media that can be tested by holding your breath for 10 seconds contains false information.

Can We Get Rid of the Virus by Drinking Plenty of Water?

Wrongly, the coronavirus can infect you through the throat, but it does not stay in the throat, the excess water you drink will only lead you to more canvases.

How Is It Different From Car Accidents?

Car accidents are not contagious, their deaths do not double every three days, do not cause mass panic or economic collapse.

Are Hand Sanitizers Better Than Soap and Water?

Falsely, soap and water actually kill and wash the virus from the skin (the skin cannot penetrate our cells), and also remove visible dirt, if any, on the hands. So if you can't find disinfectant, you don't have to panic.

Can The Coronavirus Mutate and Get Into the Air?

No, even when viruses mutate, the way they're transmitted doesn't change. Influenza virus mutated many times, but remained a droplet infection.

Can My Pet Carry a Virus?

It's highly unlikely. The CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has not received any reports of pets getting sick with coronavirus. However, it is worth keeping good hand hygiene and common sense.

Is It Enough to Wear a Mask to Protect Yourself From Disease?

The mask does not adequately protect the person from contracting the virus. It can only prevent the transmission of the virus to others if the person is sick. Especially in society, healthy people do not need to wear masks in everyday life. The most important method of protection is hand cleaning. Hands should be kept as clean as possible and should not be taken to the eyes, nose and mouth.

Do Hand Sanitizers Solve All Problems?

Most of the so-called antiseptics, disinfectants and microbeads marketed under different names on the market will not protect the hands more than a good 'water-soap cleaning'. Washing the hands carefully, thoroughly with plenty of soapy water often, will be enough for protection. A cologne or alcohol-based hand sanitizer of 70 degrees or above can also be used in cases where water and soap are inaccessible.

Does Gargling with Salt Water, Washing the Nose Work?

mischievous. There is no scientific data on this subject. In fact, if salt water is high in salt, it can damage upper respiratory tract cells. The mucus layer, which acts as a shield to protect the respiratory system from viral infections or external factors and prevents bacteria and viruses from clinging to the respiratory cells, may also be damaged.

Does Drinking Hot Drinks Kill the Virus?

Since excessively hot drinks burn the mouth-throat area and destroy the 'protective epithelial layer' and 'preventive immune secretions', they can do more harm than good.

Is There a Need to Panic Between 2% and 5% Mortality?

Severe respiratory failure, kidney failure and multiple organ failure can be seen in 10-15 percent of the course of the disease and result in 2-5 percent death, while 80 percent of the disease is mild.

Does Head Trotter Soup, Pickles, Vinegar, Strengthen The Immune System?

There is no food that has been shown to strengthen the immune system specifically. The important thing is the healthy and balanced eating habits. It is true that the immune system is important in the protection from viruses. There are 3 applications that have been proven to strengthen the immune system through scientific studies to date. These include a balanced diet, adequate sleep and regular physical exercise.

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