NOT Logic AND(NAND) Operation

In today's article, we will examine logical AND NOT one of our logical processes. Logical AND NOT Process consists of logical operations "AND" and "NOT". So in short, we need to know that it is a combination of two separate logical functions. The logical NAND function can be expressed comfortably with the letters A and B. The mathematical expression of this logical process will be as follows: Q = (A.B)'

Circuit Representation of Logical AND NOT Function

not and At this point, when we examine our circuitry, we understand that if both of our switches are turned off, our output will be 0. In the remaining cases, it will be 1. Even examining this circuit will actually be enough to make a table of our logical function. The accuracy table of the NAND function will be the opposite of the logical AND function that we saw in our previous article. This is because the NOT operation in it has a reversing effect.

Accuracy Table of Logical AND NOT Function

not and In fact, when we look at our painting, we can understand the whole thing more easily. At this point, the more you dominate the table, the better you will be in complex Boolean Algebra analysis. We also recommend that you review our logical "AND NOT" gate article to get better at this topic.