NOT Logic(NOT) Operation

In today's article, we will examine the logical NOT process, which is one of our logical processes. The Not Logical (NOT) Process is now heavily present in algebra.In the NOT logical function, " 1 " is a single-input inversion that changes the input of the logic level to the output of the logic level "0". This can be the opposite. The best explanation for this will be: Q = A'

Circuit Representation of the NOT Logical Function

not logic When we look at the circuit, we understand that if the A switch is turned off, our output will be zero because there will be a short circuit in the circuit. On the contrary, our output will be 1. At this point, the order in which the keys are closed, etc., is very important.

Accuracy Table of NOT Logical Function

not logic In fact, when we look at our painting, we can understand the whole thing more easily. At this point, the more you dominate the table, the faster you will gain in problem solving in the future. Now that we understand the logic of working in general, we can now see the symbol of this process on the logic doors. In this way, the logistics doors will be a small reminder from our article. The symbol of our logical "NOT" door will be not logic as follows: The more you actually master the subject when studying topics such as boolean alms, the more comfortable you will be when analyzing digital circuits in the future.