Logic OR(OR) Operation

In today's article, we will examine the logical OR process, which is one of our logical processes. In the logical OR function, if one "or" more inputs are correct, our output will be correct. In addition, the other thing we need to know is that the order of entry does not matter.The best explanation for this will be as follows: A + B = B + A Logical OR function is represented electronically by the + symbol.

Circuit Representation of Logical OR Function

or operation The A and B switches present here are connected to form a parallel circuit. From this point on, we understand that for the LED to burn, it will be enough just one switch to be turned off. In other words, if only one of the two switches is closed, our output may be in the case of a logic "1". The display of this in electronics will be as above.

Logical OR Function Accuracy Table

or operation In fact, when we look at our painting, we can understand the whole thing more easily. At this point, the more you dominate the table, the better you will be in complex Boolean Algebra analysis. To get better at this, we also recommend that you review our Logical "OR" door post.