Logic AND(AND) Operation

In general, the wide range of mathematics, which includes subjects such as number theories and geometry, is called algebra. George Boole, one of the mathematicians who made great contributions to the mathematics branch in the past, wanted to examine the concept of logistics in detail in 1854. At this point, he developed the system known as Boolean alms.Boolean algebra is mainly interested in the theory that logic and cluster operations are "right" or "wrong", but neither is at the same time. In today's article, we will examine logical AND process, which is one of our logical processes. The Logical AND function specifies that two or more events must occur together and at the same time for an output action to occur. The order in which these actions take place is insignificant because it does not affect the final result. The best explanation for this would be this: A & B = B & A Logical And function is represented in electronics by the dot or & symbol.

Circuit Representation of Logical AND Function

logic and The A and B switches present here are connected to form a series of circuits. For this reason, both switch A and switch B must be switched off at the same time to burn our LED. In other words, if both switches are turned off, our output will be in the case of a logic "1". Then we understand that when all of our inputs are correct, our output is correct. The display of this in electronics will be as above.

Logical AND Function Accuracy Table

logic and In fact, when we look at our painting, we can understand the whole thing more easily. At this point, the more you dominate the table, the better you will be in complex Boolean Algebra analysis. To get better at this, we also recommend that you review our logical "VE" gate article.