Logical AND NOT (NAND) Gate / Logic NAND Gate

Today, we will examine the "AND NOT" (NAND) logistics door that often appears between the logistics doors. NAND doors can also be used to produce any other logistical door function. In general, the NAND gate forms the basis of the most practical logic circuits. It is possible to obtain basic doors such as "VE", "OR", "NOT" by connecting these "AND NOT" doors to each other in different combinations. The "AND NOT" door is an important logic door, as it is understood from above. At this point, there are 2 entrances to the "AND NOT" door. Depending on their input status, we will examine all the topics such as how to get signal output, respectively. In this article, we start by learning which doors the logical "AND NOT" door actually consists of. Actually, it's not hard to understand. As the name suggests, it consists of the "AND" and "NOT" doors. At this point, the exact representation of this situation will be as follows. and not the door At this point, the logic of the operation of our logistics door will be as follows. If the signal value is "1" at the two inlets, our output will always be "0". One of the biggest reasons for this is the "NOT" door at the end. Because normally, when the inputs are equal to "1", the exit of the "AND" door will always be 1, but unfortunately this is the opposite since this value is reversed with the "NOT" gate afterwards. At this point, as with every article, let's learn the mathematical expression of this logistic door. As we know, mastering the mathematical representation of logical doors gives us a huge advantage during logic circuit analysis. and not the door Now that we have learned the mathematical expression of our logistics door, it is time to gradually establish our circuit with transistor etc. circuit elements. In this way, as in previous articles, we have a slightly more comfortable understanding of the working logic of the logic of the logic door. and not the door As it is understood from our circuit, it is possible to install the circuit of this logistics door with 2 transistors, resistance etc. circuit elements. Transistors (T1-T2) can also be seen in the image. Now that we have installed our logic door circuit, we can gradually examine the accuracy table of our logical "AND NOT" door. As we know at this point, one of the most important things that plays a role will be the mathematical expression of our logistic door. We can analyze it well and create our picture. and not the door Our logical "AND NOT" door has integrated circuits like our other logic doors. These integrations that you have learned are used extensively today. At this point, they come up with TTL and CMOS technologies again. Then let's see those integrateds:

TTL Logistics AND NOT Door Integrated Examples

• 74LS00 Quad 2 inputs • 74LS10 Triple 3 inputs • 74LS20 Dual 4 inputs • 74LS30 Single 8 inputs

CMOS Logistics AND NOT Door Integrated Examples

• CD4011 Quad 2 input • CD4023 Triple 3 input • CD4012 Dual 4 inputs

Logical "AND NOT" Door Integration with 7400 Quad 2 inputs

and not the door When we look at our logistics in some detail, we can actually understand its internal structure in a very simple way. At this point, we see that we have 4 logistics doors in 7400 integrated. We can use these logic doors to get the signal we want.