NOT Logical (NOT) Gate / Logic NOT Gate

The Not Logical (NOT) gate can appear in many circuits today. If we look at the working logic, it is understood that they actually did a very simple operation. If the input signal is "1", it makes it "0" or the input signal is "0". To summarize briefly, it reverses the input. At this point, as with every logistic door, there is a mathematical formula in this logistic door. In fact, we have seen the importance of these formulas in our previous articles. Mathematical expressions are very useful in solving our logistics circuit. In this way, we are gaining speed and becoming much better able to analyze our circuitry. Then let's see the mathematical expression of our logical "NOT" door. not door Now that we have learned the mathematical expression of our logic door, we can gradually install the circuit of our simple logical "NOT" door. For this, circuit elements such as transistors and resistance will suffice. First, we connect our initiative to the "base" end of our transistor. Then when we check our exit, we can see that it snapped at the entrance. In this way, we will have the chance to achieve the logical function we want day by day. Then let's see our circuit at the bottom. not door In fact, when we look at our circuit again, we see that in general we are attaching resistance to the Collector and Base legs of our transistor. Then we take our exit (OUTPUT) from the Collector leg. After installing our circuit, it is possible to send all kinds of signals through INPUT at the BASE end. If we send "1", if we send exit 0, if we send "0", our output will be "1". So if we need a logical function in the snapped version of our entrance, the logical NOT gate will meet exactly what we need. Another issue that we must learn from now on will be the symbol of our logical "NOT" door and the table of accuracy. This will be triangular, as we see in the image below. This symbol will be the same everywhere in general. Besides, it will be just as easy to extract our accuracy table. It is also possible to understand this when we examine the mathematical expression that we learned at the beginning of our article. One of the most critical things here is to know which letter the inputs and outputs represent. Other than that, all our logistics do is reverse the intrusion signal. not door Logical "NOT" doors can often be called inverters. Anyway, when you look at the mathematical expression and the fact sheet, it turns out that there is not a very complicated door. So it's perfect for testing for beginner-level exercises. Some of the "NOT" Gate integrations that are actively used today are as follows:

TTL Logistics "NOT" Door Integrated Examples

• 74LS04 NOT Six Door • 74LS14 NOT Six-Way Door

CMOS Logistics "NOT" Door Integrated Examples

• CD4009 NOT Six Gate • CD4069 NOT Six Door Since we are aware of so many sample integrations, we can now finally look at the internal structure of a sample integration. In this way, we will reinforce the issue better in general. We may also have the chance to briefly mention what the concept of "six" is that we use when introducing integrated ones.

7404 NOT Door Integration

not door The 7404 integrates a logical "NOT" door from the High Speed CMOS family. The 7404 includes six independent doors in a single package. In fact, the concept of six, which we mentioned above, represents this. In other words, there are 6 "LOGISTICS" NOT doors that are already ready for use in our integration. This actually helps us a lot in many of our projects. Once we know about these doors, there's only one thing left for us to do. That would also be to do projects with them.