What is microC?

MikroC uses the C language, which is one of the languages closest to the machine language issued by microelectronics. It is a programming language and compiler with large libraries. With MicroC, you can write the necessary programs to manage PIC, dsPIC, PIC32, AVR, 8051, FT90x and ARM.COM. MikroC is a software development program with a rich library for microcontrollers. Since it is based on the C programming language, those who know the C programming language can easily develop applications on MicroC. The library of the MicroC program is quite extensive. Communication, (SPI, USB, Ethernet, PS/2…) graphics, (LCD, TFT, Touch Panel …) storage (MMC, FAT16, EEPROM, …) libraries are available, as well as buttons, Keypad, Audio, PWM,ADC and many more libraries.