What is Open Source Software?

What exactly does"open source software"mean that we often hear about in our daily lives? Is it such an important concept for software developers?

The concept of"open source software"is frequently encountered. We know that software such as Android, Linux is open source. So what exactly does open source mean, and do you really care about open source software?Open source code Programs, i.e. .exe files, are compiled from thousands of "source code" lines. For those who do not know the programming language, these codes, which may seem extremely complicated, arecompiledas an application file " . After compilation, source code is no longerOpen source codeneeded. So when you run software like "Spotify", you don't see the source code, you just see the final version of the product. For most of us, this is what it should be. Open source software is published with source code. Sometimes, the developer can compile them and present an application file alongside their source code. In some cases, the build job is left to the user. Open source software is software whose source code is public. This means that you can create your own version by making any changes to it.

Well, if you want me to talk about usage areas;

Open source software is software that can be simplified, consolidated and strengthened according to requirements, from the smallest to the embedded systems such as mobile phones, watches, from the largest to the supercomputers, from home users to SMEs, from public institutions to schools of all kinds, all institutions and individuals. Open source image

What are the advantages of open source code?

certainly the biggest advantage is that the codes in the written application are examined and the person who examines them gain experience and knowledge. Open source software is also very reliable in terms of security. Only those who write the program can interfere with closed-codesoftware. In open-code software, viruses and threats can be dealt with immediately, as anyone who knows good coding can intervene in this code. Another advantage is economically. Most open source software is free. In this case, instead of going and giving large amounts of money and buying software, this money can be used to further develop computing by using open source software that is equivalent. Open source chart


Open source software offers solutions in all areas, offering the consumer options against software monopolies. Many countries such as Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, China, Korea and India have adopted the use of open source software in public institutions and made information society part of strategies. Organizations such as the European Union, UNESCOand the World Bank recommend open source software for reasons such as security and savings. Almost every country in the world has developed an open source Linux distribution according to their requirements. With the initiative of TUBITAK in Turkey, ULUDAĞ: National Distribution Project was launched and Pardus National Operating System, a Linux distribution, was prepared. Open source code   Open source software communities support open source environments with the following views: Open source software is important for a country's economy beyond savings and security. Open source environments are one of the effective ways to educate young people who can produce technology. Instead of ready-made import solutions, relying on the people of the countryis an investment in it.