Private OR NOT (XNOR) Gate / Exclusive-NOR Gate

In our series of logistics doors, where we proceed step by step, today we will learn about Special or NOT (XNOR) Doors with you. At this point, it would be a great choice for you to look at our series of logistics doors from the beginning in order to better understand these special doors. Then let's start our article. This door that we have just learned is basically a combination of "Special OR" and "NOT" door. But it has a slightly similar accuracy table to the standard "OR NOT" door. In general, in any case where one of the entrances to our logic gates is "1" and the other is "0", our output will always be "0". This, in fact, has a systematic structure like any logic door we have seen before. One of the most important things at this point is to know well what is in the infrastructure of this door. Another is that dominance of mathematical expression, which is very useful in circuit analysis, is very important. Then let's first see which doors our logistics door actually comes across through the Proteus application. xnor door Now that we have seen the equivalence of our door through the Proteus application, we can now move on to theoretical details. At this point, we start our article by learning the truth table of our logistics door. As you know, the more you master these tables, the easier it will be to analyze high-level logistics circuits. Of course, your mastery of these paintings also depends on your experience in Boolean Mathematics. At this point, it is best for you to keep your foundation intact. xnor door Now that we have learned our accuracy table, we can now learn the logical "Special or" and "NOT" integrations used today.

TTL Logistics AND Gate Integrated Examples

• 74LS266 Quad 2 Inputs

CMOS Logistics and Door Integrated Examples

• CD4077 Quad 2 InputScans, you can carry out your own projects thanks to these integrateds. Now that we know what our logistics are and the truth table in general, we can now move on to the final stage. At this point, our final stage will be to take a look at the internal structure of this logicular door. So let's go: xnor door When we look at our circuit structure, one of the first things that really catches our eye is the number of logistics doors inside the integration. Such integrated circuits really help us when dark. At first, these issues may seem a little complicated, but as time goes on, the system will fit more and more.