Private OR (XOR) Gate / Exclusive-OR Gate

In our previous articles, we have learned about 3 basic logistics doors that are often used in digital electronics. These doors were "VE" Gate, "OR" Door and "NOT" Doors respectively, but these doors were not all the logistics doors we learned about. Immediately afterwards, we learned that it is possible to obtain two other logic doors called "AND NOT" and "NOT" using these basic logistics doors. Thanks to these doors, we can install the logistics circuits that we want in general. However, sometimes we need different logic situations. In this case, although they are not exactly a basic logistics door, they can be formed by the combination of 3 basic logial doors. These doors are also: • Private OR NOT (XNOR) • Special or (XOR) Doors, respectively. We use these doors when the time is right. This is completely shaped by the needs of the person who will use it. In today's article, we will learn the logical "SPECIAL OR" door. Then let's start by learning the mathematical expression of this logistic door. private or door When we look at our equation, it may seem a little complicated at first, but that's not really the case. When we examine the expression a little more, we can actually see the traces of several basic logic doors. In fact, if we look at the mathematical expression from this side, it will be easier to comprehend the equation. private or door When we examine our circuit diagram in detail, we actually see the combination of 3 different logistics doors. These are the "OR", "VE" and "AND NOT" gates, respectively. Since we have examined these doors in detail in the past articles, we can actually understand the mathematical expression of this logistic door. At this point, we recommend that you review our previous articles in order to better understand these important issues we have processed. Now that we understand how our circuit works, we can see our accuracy chart from a slow pace. When we build more complicated logistics circuits in the future, our dominance of these tables of accuracy will help us a lot. At this point, we can fill out this table by examining our mathematical expression. private or door Now that we have learned our accuracy table, we can examine the logical "SPECIAL OR NOT" door integrations that are being used today. XOR logistics doors can appear in many circuits, such as Full or Semi-Collector, etc. in some cases. For this reason, it is very important to know about these integrated circuits. Besides, the more we learn about these integrations, the more comfortable we can be during the transition from theory to practice. Some of these integrations consist of technologies such as TTL or CMOS, as we mentioned in our first article. To give an example of both:

TTL Logistics XOR Door Integrated Examples

• 74LS86 Quad 2 Input

CMOS Logistics XOR Door Integrated Examples

• CD4030 Quad 2 InputS Now that we have some control over the integrateds used today, we can finally look briefly at the internal structure of an integrated as always. In this way, we will have a better consolidation of the issue. private or door As the above image shows, our integrated has 4 "SPECIAL OR" logistics doors. This situation helps us a lot when installing original circuits. At this point, we must never forget that the types of logistics doors are actually very numerote. However, one of the most critical things here is the knowledge of which doors we should use in our projects. This information will be accessible as our experience increases.