What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing is a supercomputer based on the laws of quantum mechanics.   We hear a lot about the concepts of 1s and 0s, but the concept of 1 and 0 applies only to our traditional scholars. Quantum computers use quantum bits or qubits. What distinguishes qubits from lice is the use of distinguishable quantum states such as 1s and 0s. When performing this operation; "superposition" and "entanglement." i.e. superposition and quantum entanglement form phenomena the basis of operations.  

What is Qubit?

  Like a bit, two possible values of a qubit can normally be a 0 or 1 bit.   0, 1, or both are overlapping the quantum superposition. It's a basic mathematical expression. ( 1 in square root) + ( 1 in square root) normally has only 2 solutions; It is considered to be 1 +1 and +1 -1, but 0 is also a solution ( -1 + 1 ) and ( + 1 -1 ).    

Quantum Operations

Quantum computing is theoretically a probability of over 2.   4.4Tbit. The reason for this increase is exponential.   In quantum mechanics, probability vectors are generalized to density operators. This is technically a mathematical basis for quantum logic gates, but since it is conceptually simpler, the first quantum state vector formalism is often introduced.