What is a Tesla Coil?

It is the name given to the coil, which was discovered by Nikola Tesla and named after him here. The Tesla coilis known as a type of coil that can produce high voltage. What was the coil before? I stated that the general purpose of the coils is to increase tension. But the Tesla coil produces much higher voltage than other coils. The Tesla coil gained scientific importance in 1890 with nikola tesla's patent application. In this application, he presented with the title of electrical converter or induction device. After the electricity was proven to be an electromagnetic wave, Tesla believed that high-frequency electric waves could be generated. After his experiments for this purpose, he managed to produce high frequency electric waves as well as reach very high voltage values, laying the foundation for major changes in the field of electricity, especially in the field of industry.

History and Purpose of Tesla Coil

Tesla wanted to transmit the electric current wirelessly with this coil. To achieve this, he was using the earth's sphere, the largest conductor in the universe. He knew that by loading electrical energy into the globe, wirelessly transferring from one place to another with the principle of "existing energy cannot be destroyed", the greatest scientific fact. An energy transferred to the earth on Earth is reflected by spreading according to the power of the current. Therefore, Tesla was trying to carry very small current sources with reflection by increasing them to very high levels. Although Tesla has partially succeeded in wireless electricity transmission, it has not gone far. However, with this coil experiment, it achieved high frequency and high voltage, leading to a very large revolution in the field of industry. It is also considered the basis of Tesla's inventions such as fluorescent lamps, neon lighting and X-rays through wireless electrical experiments.

How to Make a Tesla Coil?

In this article, we will briefly talk about the design processes of the Tesla Coil. In our other article, we will explain by making it together with the materials of the Tesla coil. To make the Tesla coil you need to do a work. First of all, a capacitor is required for energy to be stored. While electrostatic energy storage is provided in this way, coils are used in electromagnetic energy. In order to reach high voltage values, transformer supply is essential.When the Tesla Coil is examined, there are 4 main parts. One of them is high voltage transformer, the others are primary and secondary coils. In addition, toroid, the pipe in the interior, must be made of metal. High voltage transformer is used to charge the capacitor.

Which Metal should be used?

This process is carried out in order to increase the home network voltage of 220V to tens of thousands of volts. Apart from the transformer, which is a normal coil with iron nucleus, the primary coil obtained by a small number of windings from a thick wire is used. The primary coil around the secondary coil wrapped through the metal Toroid pipe uses air as a nucleus. This is how the air nucleus secondary coil is removed. Unlike the primary coil, the second coil, which is obtained by making a large number of windings from a much thinner wire, is wrapped on the Toroid. While toroid is the main part that creates sparks, in some cases it is preferable to be aluminum. It is not used except metal or aluminum.

How does the Tesla Coil Work?

First, the high voltage transformer in the experimental system charges the capacitor. Thanks to this system, the resonance frequency between the capacitor and the coil begins to oscillate. High frequency current is obtained using this oscillation. If the translation rate of this high frequency current is kept high, higher voltage is obtained. Since the main purpose of this coil is the wireless transmission of electricity, Tesla has chosen the nucleus as air for the test coils. If we talk about the basic principle of operation, the high voltage transformer loads the capacitor primary coil, which is serially connected to the primary coil after charging the capacitor, up to thousands of volts. With the effect of the magnetic field formed as a result of this loading, it reaches high voltage values in the secondary coil. Contrasting polarization occurs between the toroid and the soil, in which the secondary coil is wrapped. This is sparked by the effect of contrasting polarization. According to the voltage value obtained in the secondary coil, the intensity of these sparks also increases.

What Does a Tesla Coil Do?

While tesla coil exists in devices used for different purposes in homes, it is important in different industrial branches. In the simplest way, lighting is provided by making alternative current in the florasan lamp. Thanks to the X-ray lights, it also provides benefits in the realization of treatments in the health sector. Today, with the advancement of technology, the expansion of the use of much higher electric currents leads to different ways of answering the question of what the Tesla Coil is for. Tesla, which is trying to create wireless energy as its main goal, has tried to use the reflection feature by spreading energy through the land connection. We can say that it has been some degree successful in wireless electricity transmission in the promotion of very small current sources to high levels. It would not be wrong for the Tesla Coil to say that it is a revolution in industrial areas in need of high frequency and high voltage. So who is this Tesla when we talk so much about your Tesla Coil? Let's talk about him.

Who is Nikola Tesla?

Who is Nikola Tesla,an American inventor of Serbian descent? Far ahead of his term, the inventor made inventions that would radically change the world. Today, Nikola Tesla still has many inventions that are unknown or unused. Their biggest invention is tesla coil and wireless electrical transmission. Nikola Tesla, an inventor, physicist and electrophysicist, first tries wireless electricity transmission at the Columbia fairin Chicagoand succeeds. Until 1943, many of the inventions of Nikola Tesla, who had nearly three hundred inventions with his own patent in twenty-six countries, were not understood.

Nikola Tesla Life

One of the world's greatest geniuses was born on 10 July 1856 in Smiljan, Serbia. His father was a priestwho lived a simple life based on his beliefs. His mother was illiterate, but he was known around him as the inventor who designed small appliances. His father wanted Tesla to be a good pastor. But his mother strongly opposed it. Nikola Tesla was a genius in his mother's eyes, and his mother was the first to notice his talents. But the young Tesla had already made up his mind. He was going to study engineering. Although he could not convince his father, he repeated his request to his father once again during his terminal illness. His father couldn't stand the situation his son was in and accepted his request. He was going to get his first education at the Polytechnic schoolin Graz. He was so excited, maybe who is Nikola Tesla? The answer to your question was hidden in your educational life. In his education in Graz,nikola tesla increases his knowledge of electricity, but is forced to drop out of school in the third grade due to his personal characteristics. Tesla left his family and started working for an auto engineering firm. After recovering from his depression, he started his education at Charles Ferdinand Universityin Prague at the request of his father. His college education will be unfinished upon his father's death. After studying there for a summer term, he left and decided to settle in Parisin 1882. Here he starts at Continental Edison. This is a company founded to spread the ideas of Thomas Edisonthroughout Europe. Nikola Tesla begins to improve here, as do other inventors who take life seriously. Here he develops his experiences with current motors and dynamo. Thanks to his experiences, he makes his first invention here, and his first inventionis regulatory control devices. Nikola Tesla's inventions would not only stop there, but would continue to gain momentum. In Paris, Tesla also begins working on its index engines, attracting rotating magnetic fields. The young and talented inventor wants to open up to the world while he's in Paris. Therefore, besides the native Serbian and German; He also learns English, French and Italian.

Nikola Tesla's Inventions

Throughout his career, esla came up with, designed and developed important invention ideas, many of which were patented by other inventors, including dynamo (electric generators similar to batteries) and an induction engine. In addition, although radar technology, X-ray technology, remote control and the discovery of magnetic field movement, which forms the basis of many magnetic systems, Tesla is best known for its contributions to the AC (Alternating Current) electrical system and the development of the Tesla Coil.

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