Toplamın Çarpımı / Product of Sum

Boolean alms is a simple and effective way to represent the switching action of standard logic gates. A set of rules or laws has been invented to help reduce the number of logical gates required to perform a specific logical operation. That's where the boolean alms comes in handy.
In mathematics, as we know, the number or quantity obtained by multiplying two (or more) numbers together is called a product. For example, if we multiply the number 2 by 3, the resulting answer is 6, since 2 * 3 = 6, therefore there will be the product number " 6 ".In Boolean Alrre, the product of two integers is logical and equivalent to processing

OR DOOR (Total)

In classical mathematics, as we all know, a plus (+) is used to represent an act of aggregation. However, in the boolean product, the OR function is represented by a single "plus" (+). Therefore, the Boolean equation for 2-Entrance and door is given as follows: "Q = A + B". For a product term, these input variables can be "true" or "false,"" "1" or "0."

Boolean Al-Jagger Product Terms

product of sum

Note that a Boolean "variable" can have one of two values, "1" or "0", and change its value. For example, a Boolean "constant", which can also be "1" or "0" when a = 0 or a = 1, is a constant value and therefore cannot be changed.

AND Gate (Product)

The OR function is often referred to as the term total, and the AND function is called the product term. And its function is indicated by a cross (x) or an asterisk (*) during the mathematical process.

Product of Total

We found that the OR function produces the logical sum. We found that it produces the logical sum of the AND function.

For example, the following Boolean function is a typical Multiplication expression of Total:

product of sum

Display of Product Total with Logistics Doors

product of sum

Now that we've learned about the logistics door display, we can slowly come to the end of this series.