What is Altium Designer?

In this article, we will start our Altium Designer series. As you know, we made a series about the Proteus App in the past. Even in that series alone, we learned how to use Proteus and gained basic electronic knowledge. Of course, Proteus is not the only electronic design program of our time. There is another application that is used extensively in today's world.

Altium Designer is a unified electronic system design environment that combines all design tools into a single software application.

You can continue your work on many topics such as schematic design, PCB design, PCB layout, routing tools, signal integrity analysis, special embedded software tools for FPGA applications, ECAD/MCAD integration tools, library and design data management, output data generation. Even if you just look at these titles, it will not be too difficult to understand how versatile and useful an application it really is.

The latest version of Altium Designer offers easy-to-use and high-performance solutions. We've already passed time, updates are coming in regularly. At this point, altium designer application never leaves us alone. It regularly provides us with regular training opportunities through e-mails and so on.

History of Altium Designer

Altium Designer was first launched in 2005 by Altium, then known as Protel Systems Pty Ltd. Its roots date back to 1985, when the company launched the DOS-based PCB design tool known as protel PCB (later revealed as Autotrax and Easytrax). From here, we understand that our application actually came about after a long struggle.

Altium Designer

The application called Altium Designer is a useful circuit and PCB design application, as we have said from the beginning. At this point, one of the most beautiful features that drives him to us is that he has an understandable interface. Because the more ease of use, the more time we will save, and the more time we have, the more our commitment to the job will increase.

Then let's summarize this with a few images.

Altium Designer
Altium Designer Interface

As we saw above, the interface is really easy to use. If we want to create a project while working at this point, all we have to do is create the project file from the upper left to the location we want.

Altium Designer
Project, Schematics, etc. Area where files are created

In the interface section, the last area I will show for this article will be the training part, which we can access quickly. At this point, it is possible to obtain new information about circuit and PCB design issues during design or whenever we feel like it. For this, Altium Designer has prepared a training corner called the secrets of design. Let's see this with the visuals.

Altium Designer
Secrets of Design

Push, Slide, Navigate… The design has become really easy in this application where you can continue your way with the desired angle in your PCB road drawings. With this app, take the path you want to draw faster than ever.

Let's even express this situation with an image.

Altium Designer
PCB Path Drawing

If you want to know more about all these important issues at this point, we recommend that you take a look at Altium Designer's documentation page. This way you can learn more.