Departments of Engineering and Engineering

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Engineer Who?

The engineer said: "I'm it is responsible for producing and developing new systems for human use in the light of technical, mathematical and social data. The engineer takes part in various fields to analyze, develop and evaluate large-scale, complex systems. Engineering, according to the fields of study; software engineer, mechatronics engineer, electrical electronics engineer, and many other professions.

What Training Do You Need to Be an Engineer?

In order to become an engineer, it is enough to graduate from the relevant engineering departments of universities with a bachelor's degree. In short, we told you what engineering is and how to become an engineer. Would you like to know about the department you want?

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Let's start with a definition as classic: It is the engineering branch that deals with the production, transmission and distribution of electricity, but also carries out the development, implementation and supervision of the projects and works of the communication systems of electronic devices. In addition to this definition, which you can find on most websites, we can also read that this engineering is a combination of electrical engineering and electronics and communication engineering.

What is the Job Description of Electrical and Electronics Engineer?

Electrical electronics engineers; they can take part in any stage of a project, including the first stage of a project, the design and development phase, the testing of prototypes, the final production and implementation of a new product or system. The responsibilities of electrical electronics engineers with a large working area can be collected under the following headings;
  • Designing new systems, circuits and devices or developing existing technology,
  • To plan and develop applications and modifications for electronic features used in parts and systems in order to improve technical performance,
  • To determine the requirements, capacity and cost of the electrical system,
  • To carry out direct manufacture, installation and testing of electrical equipment,
  • To establish maintenance and testing procedures for electronic components and equipment,
  • Inspecting electronic equipment, vehicles and systems to ensure that they comply with safety standards and applicable regulations,
  • Designing new ways to use electrical power to develop products,
  • To follow the defined product development processes and to write technical reports,
  • Make sure that security arrangements are met.

What Training is taken to become an Electrical and Electronics Engineer?

In order to become an electrical electronics engineer, it is necessary to obtain a bachelor's degree from the 4-year Electrical Electronics departments of universities.

Who can study electrical and electronic engineering?

There may be anyone who can get enough points and graduate from their department, but since there are points to be considered in the choice of profession, the individual should have an interest in the professional field and working environment.

What are the Qualifications of Electrical and Electronics Engineer?

The general qualities sought in electrical electronics engineers, which stand out with their analytical thinking aspect, are as follows;

  • Good technical knowledge and mastery of information technologies,
  • To have the concentration to follow multiple design elements and specifications,
  • To keep up with the changes in technology,
  • To be able to demonstrate the ability to speak clearly explain their designs and logic,
  • To have a strong mathematical thinking aspect,
  • To carry the characteristics of creative, innovative and attention to detail,
  • To have organization, project management and leadership skills.

  Departments of Engineering and Engineering engineer

Where Can Electrical and Electronics Engineers Work?

Departments of Engineering and Engineering engineerThe field of study of electrical electronics engineers, one of the luckiest engineers in this regard, is quite wide. You can find jobs in public, different projects, private companies. You can work in various branches such as electricity generation and distribution, automation, artificial intelligence and software. But keep in mind that issues such as the recruitment process and salary are related to how much you have improved yourself in your university life. Let's remind you that knowing a foreign language and learning different computer programs will put engineers first in business life.

Mechatronics Engineering

The mechatronics engineer combines the characteristics of mechanical, electronics and computer engineering to increase efficiency in the production and functionality of new machines and vehicles. Before implementing changes in the production process, the mechatronics engineer conducts tests in various methods to make improvements, taking into account factors such as assembly line efficiency and cost. It uses computer-aided design software to develop potential solutions.

The main issues where mechatronic technology is needed are;

  • Low total cost.
  • High and improved quality.
  • High reliability products.
  • Improved performance, high flexibility.
  • Features that are useful to the customer.

Departments of Engineering and Engineering engineer

Who can succeed in this section?

Patient individuals who are interested in basic engineering sciences and have a discipline of work can succeed.

What do graduates of Mechatronics Engineering do?

It is an engineering branch that deals with any system design from the beginning to the final stage. For example, they can work on designing and maintaining robotic systems, making improvements to functionality. In order to perform analysis, simulation studies and improvements, it must master many computer programs. In general, they work on R&D and innovation.
An individual who is a mechatronics engineer can work in robot construction. To give an example of these robots; industrial robot arms, humanoid robots, robots used in the field of health and medicine, robots used in the defense industry with intelligent systems and many others.

A few of the lessons that an individual who wants to read this chapter will face are as follows: linear algebra, logistics circuits, electronic circuits, engineering mechanics, robotics.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a science branch that deals with software. As representatives of this science, software engineers examine the requirements, design and structure of the software to be created in line with the needs of users or create the software using programming languages. Software engineers, who are named as representatives of this branch of science, carry out studies with a widely end-user focus. Many software engineers create new software and new designs by taking end users into account, or optimize existing software to analyze end-user needs.

Today, the programs used by our computers, smart devices, televisions and even automobiles are the result of the work of software science and software engineers. Thanks to software engineers, technology is reduced to the end user as well as competent and experts, making it simple and practical. Departments of Engineering and Engineering engineer The processes that make up a software engineer's business life are:

Planning: What kind of software algorithm should be created taking into account the needs of users is planned. Hardware requirements are determined. Analysis: At this stage, a data analysis is performed. Support can be obtained from the analyst when performing data analysis. First, the purpose for which the software will be used, and then how customers expect it, is evaluated. The coding language is decided. Scenario diagrams are drawn. Design: The software to meet the requirements is designed in every aspect. Visual design is planned, which will also determine the user experience of the software. In the meantime, support is received from the graphic designer or art-director. The design made by the software engineer is logical. Determines how the software works. Realization: At this stage, the software is completed. After coding, tests are performed. Software developers do the coding and testers do the tests. Support may be requested for user experience testing from an audience with basic computer knowledge. Maintenance: At this stage, errors are fixed and updates are made based on user requests. During the time the software is used, the maintenance phase never ends. New tests are required with each new update. The software engineer is active in each of these stages. Depending on the position at work, it may also be among the powers of the software engineer to appoint a test specialist, analyst or graphic designer to take part in the project. The engineer's salary may vary depending on how actively he plays a role in the software. In particular, considering the user experience and making the necessary updates are among the most important job descriptions of software engineering.

Computer Engineering

Who is a Computer Engineer? The computer engineer is responsible for researching, designing, developing and testing computer hardware and equipment, including chips, analog sensors, circuit boards, keyboards, modems and printers. It mainly deals with software, programming and algorithms. Departments of Engineering and Engineering engineer What are the Responsibilities of a Computer Engineer? He can become an expert in different fields such as computer engineer, information systems management, computer systems analyst and software applications development. The general professional responsibilities of the computer engineer, whose job description varies depending on the field of expertise, are as follows; Performing regular hardware tests using existing technology and test tools, performing validation tests for new and reconfigured motherboards, Performing regular maintenance activities and troubleshooting computer hardware problems, updating existing computer equipment and integrating new technology into old equipment, working in collaboration with the software development team to create new mobile applications, Internal network functions and any internet providing technical support to executive personnel for featured application use, checking the company's cloud storage accounts to ensure protection from potential hacking threats, anticipating needs, and supplying backup hardware equipment when needed. What are the trainings you need to get to become a computer engineer? In order to become a computer engineer, universities are required to graduate with a bachelor's degree from the Computer Engineering department, which provides four years of education.

What are the qualifications that employers are looking for in computer engineers?

Other qualifications of the computer engineer, who is expected to have excellent technical competence and demonstrate problem solving skills, can be collected under the following headings;

Having analytical thinking ability, detail-oriented work and being able to maintain concentration for a long time, having creativity and critical thinking structure, showing a predisposition to teamwork, being willing to learn professional innovations, not having military obligations for male candidates.

Artificial Intelligence Engineering

INDUSTRY 4.0 and digital transformation continue at full speed, the department was opened at Hacettepe University for the first time in Turkey, and the department is a digital engineering department where you will be an expert in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence as the content of the department.

"Artificial intelligence now plays a role in a significant part of the developments in science and technology today, and it is anticipated that this approach will continue to expand in the coming years. The increase in the amount of numerical data has made it a necessity to process such given and automatically extract meanings from them. Looking at the economic data, it is seen that the most successful software companies today (such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft) are companies that work in this field and invest in this field. This program, which we will start to recruit students in the 2019-2020 academic year, is designed to provide our talented students with a good education on artificial intelligence and to train the expert engineers that our country needs in this field." Hacettepe Unv. Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

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